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April 30, 2012 / CoFeeh


sometimes writing on here is fun, and other times it’s work.

this feel a lot like work. something I’d rather not be doing on vacation.

so here’s the quick and dirty of graduation.

Friday 4/27- “surprise” party at my brothers. it’s in quotes because the surprise was ruined early on. it was a blast though and a lot of delicious food was had.

Saturday 4/28- 9am was the ceremony, it took just over 2 hours. I felt a little robbed. the whole walk across stage thing took two minutes. those two minutes summed up my 7 years?! whoa. after that I went for breakfast with the brother and fiance. it was amazing it just being the three of us. that night we had my big dinner celebration at Food Glorious Food. it was FABULOUS. my mother worked magic.

Sunday 4/29- had breakfast with my besties and then headed to Destin where I am currently. I’m here until after dinner on 5/1. I have to get back to the ‘hass to prep for my big trip to Guam.

The next time you hear from me it will be after Guam. Sorry to be such a stick in the mud with this post, but I’ve just checked out of reality. Thanks to all that made graduation such an amazing experience!


My “official” graduation pictures:


Pictures from parties:


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